Traditional Indian Recipes


Sweet diamond maida cut biscuits is an easy recipe which is relished by all the age groups. With less and easily available ingredients we make the biscuits in less time and the quantity of the sweet diamond maida cut biscuits are also more. It is used to pack kid`s ... read more


Pineapple muramba is the pineapple cooked in the sugar syrup. Pineapple muramba can be stored for many months if its been kept in fridge. Everyone enjoys eating pineapple muramba. Ingredients: Pineapple                            3 cups Sugar     ... read more

Kerala Banana Delight – How to make Nendraphazam Delight

Nendraphazham is one of the most commonly found variety of banana in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Its long in size compared to other varities of banana. It is especially given to infants due to its high protein content. Kerala Banana Delight is a nutritious snack as it is the ... read more


Chakkara Pongal is a sweet delicacy prepared on festive and auspicious days like Durga pooja and Diwali. It is also served as prasadam in the temples of South India. Ingredients : 1 cup           Rice 11/2 cup    Jaggery 3 tbsp          Moong dal ½ ... read more

Delicious Peanut Ladoo

It’s an all time kid’s favorite ladoo. Peanut ladoo kids enjoy the delicious taste of peanut and jaggery. Both peanut and jaggery have a great nutritional value. Jaggery purifies the blood and is a good remedy for anemia, asthma, joint pains and menstrual pains. Peanut are good source of ... read more