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Groundnut or Peanut or Palli as it’s called in North India has a great nutritional value. Groundnuts salad is very delicious and a healthy salad prepared with boiled groundnuts and fresh vegetables. Groundnut salad is also served as Side Dish. Salads are used for diet control. It’s good to have salads during the hot summers.
When you desire for a light, tasty and high calorie food, try Groundnuts Salad which is the combination of vitamins, minerals, water content and fiber which are essential for a good health.

Ingredients :

Groundnut                                      1 cup
Carrot                                               1
Onion                                               1
Lemon extract                                1 tbsp
Coriander leaves Chopped          2 tbsp
Chat Masala                                   1tbsp

groundnut chat (6)

Procedure for Groundnut Salad :

1 Soak groundnuts overnight and drain the water and pressure cook with enough water and salt.
2 Grate carrot and chop onion finely.
3 In a mixing bowl add grated carrot, chopped onions, boiled groundnuts, salt, lemon extract, chat masala and mix well.
4 Garnish the groundnut salad with coriander leaves and serve.
Note: Try this recipe as a snack for children as groundnuts have proteins and fats which enhance their energy levels.

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