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Muringayila (Drumstick leaves) as it is called in kerala is useful in preventing many diseases. It increases the immunity and also has an antibacterial property.
Murigayila is an excellent source of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.
Today I am posting this recipe that is prepared in kerala style with both muringayila (drumstick leaves) and thoora parippu (toor dal). It is a healthy recipe. Try it.


Toor dal                                      1 cup
Drumstick leaves                    3 cups
Turmeric powder                   ½ tspKMPC

Salt to taste

For grinding:

Coconut grated                        ¼ cup
Green chillies                            6
Jeera/cumin seeds                ¼ tsp
Shallot or                                   3 – 4
Onion                                           ½

For seasoning:

Coconut oil                               2 tbsp
Mustard seeds                        ½ tsp
Jeera/cumin seeds               ½ tsp
Red chillies dry                      3 – 4
Curry leaves                            1 strand

Procedure for Muringayila Parippu Currry :

1. Remove the leaves from the stem and wash the leaves thrice.
2. Put the leaves in a strainer. Then spread the leaves on kitchen tissue.KMPC
3. Cook the dal in pressure cooker with salt, turmeric powder and    water.KMPC
4. Grind the grinding ingredients i.e., coconut, green chillies, jeera and onion.KMPC
5. Add the ground paste to the cooked dal and boil for 2 – 3 minutes.KMPC
6. In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds and jeera when the seeds splutter add dry red chillies and curry leaves and off the stove.KMPC
7. Then add it to the cooked dal and also add drumstick leaves and boil for 2 – 3 minutes.KMPC



1. Do not over boil the drumsticks leaves as it gives a more bitter taste.

2. Do not use drumstick leaves in month of July (Karkatakam masam) as it has a more bitter taste.

3. Drumstick leaves can increase breast milk production in the early period after childbirth.
4. Coconut oil increases the tastes and flavour of the recipe.

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