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Kudampuli (Garcinia Cambogia) is a fruit which has lots of medicinal value. It is used in various food recipes. The taste and the aroma of this sour fruit give different taste for many kudampuli recipes. The fruit is majorly used in Kerala seafood recipes.

Ayurvedic medicinal therapy is making use of this medicinal fruit from many years. It helps to promote digestion and prevents acidity. It increases the immunity power. Kudampuli also helps to reduce cholesterol in blood. It is also accepted as a weight reducing agent. Kudampuli protects the liver against alcohol and other external toxins.

Kudampuli is a wonder fruit that would make your menstrual cramps or pains disappear. Try the following homemade remedy.



Kudampuli                                        2-3

Ayamodakam/Ajwain                  1 tsp

Water                                                   2 glasses

Salt                                                        ½ tsp


  1. Always wash the kudampuli pieces under running water quickly to remove any dust accumulated from the drying and smoking process then soak for 10 minutes in water and use the kudampuli. OR
  2. Wash the kudampuli pieces under running water quickly to remove any dust and soak in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes and remove the kudampuli pieces and use it.
  3. In a bowl add 2 glasses of water; add to it the washed and soaked kudampuli pieces, ayamodakam/ajwain and salt. Boil it and reduce the flame and boil till the quantity is reduced to ½, i.e., almost to 1 glass of the decoction (kashayam).
  4. Serve this decoction immediately; you will get lot of relief from the menstrual cramps or pains.
  5. Serve this decoction (kashayam) hot and 2-3 times in a day.


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