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Wholegrain oats is a good source of fibre, which helps reduce cholesterol from our body. Oats are low in sodium. Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It also helps in normal bowel movements and also manages the blood glucose.

Oats helps you to stay fuller for longer. This prevents the addition of unnecessary calories to your body by minimizing your hunger pangs in between meals, thereby helping you manage your weight.

There are different methods of preparing Oats Porridge. Today I am posting one of the methods using milk, water and sugar.

Healthy oats mixed with milk and water and topped with fresh fruits and nuts make a wholesome yummy meal.


Oats                                                       ½ cup

Milk                                                       1 cup

Water                                                   1 cup

Sugar                                                     1 tsp

For garnishing:

Apple                                                    2 slices

Banana                                                 2 slices

Cashew nuts (optional)                 5

Almonds (optional)                         5


  1. In a pan add oats with milk and water and bring it to rolling boil. Keep stirring.
  2. Add sugar according to your preference. Mix well. Reduce the flame to low and cook for 2 – 3 minutes. Keep stirring. Porridge starts to thicken. Put off the flame.
  3. Serve the oats porridge in a bowl. Garnish with apple and banana slices. You can also garnish it with cashew nuts and almonds.

Healthy Oats Porridge is ready.

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