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4 CAKES recipe  is very easy to prepare and a tasty sweet recipe. This recipe is called 4 cakes as I have used 4 different ingredients to prepare it. 4 cakes recipe can not only be prepared during festivals but also can be prepared for kid`s snacks box.  Kids love its yummy tasty.

4cakes (7)


Coconut powder                       1.5 cup

Sugar                                             2 cups

Milk                                               1 cup

Ghee                                              4 tsp

Procedure for 4 cakes:

  • Grease a plate with ghee and keep it aside.
  • Heat a kadai/pan add to it coconut powder, sugar, ghee and milk and keep stirring continuously.4cakes (1)
  • The mixture starts bubbling, continue to stir till the mixture thickens or you see the ghee releasing from the sides. This procedure takes about 20 minutes on low medium flame.4cakes (2) 4cakes (3)
  • Off the flame and transfer the contents into the greased plate.
  • When it is till warm cut the mixture into desired shapes (diamond/square) with a greased knife.4cakes (4)
  • When it cool, carefully slice the desired shapes and store it in a air tight container.4cakes (5)

Delicious 4 cakes is ready.


This recipe can also be refrigerated and it stays good for a week.

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