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Pineapple muramba is the pineapple cooked in the sugar syrup. Pineapple muramba can be stored for many months if its been kept in fridge. Everyone enjoys eating pineapple muramba.pineapple moramba (5)


Pineapple                            3 cups
Sugar                                    2 cups
Water                                    1 cup
Cardamom powder            a pinch

Method for preparing pineapple muramba:

1.Peel and remove the eyes of pineapple. Chop the pineapple into small pieces.pineapple moramba (1)
2.In a pan add the pineapple pieces, water and sugar and cook on medium flame, stirring continuously.pineapple moramba (2)
3.Cook till the mixture reaches a level of thick consistency i.e, take a drop of the mixture and pour on a plate and if it does not flow and stay intact, immediately off the stove. It takes 45 minutes to attain this consistency.pineapple moramba (3)
4.Add cardamom powder and mix well and allow it to cool.
5.When cool transfer pineapple muramba to a glass jar and keep it in the fridge.
Pineapple murumba is served with bread, paratha and idli and dosa.
Kids love pineapple muramba and they like to have it with bread, rotis, dosa, idli and sometimes like to have it alone as a sweet dish. It encourages the kids to have more quantity of breakfast.


Pineapple murumba has to be stored in the fridge to get a longer life.

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