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Murukulu is a tasty, spicy and crispy snack which is loved by all. Yummy Murukulu relished with a cup of tea or coffee is a perfect combination. Murukulu is prepared during almost all the festivals in India. There are many versions of Murukulu. In my previous post I have shared about how to make crispy Sago Murukulu.

Today I am sharing one more Murukulu recipe prepared in Andhra style i.e.Putunal Murukulu which is prepared using rice powder and putunal dal powder. Just try this crispy Putunal Murukulu



Rice Powder                        3 cups

Putunal dal powder          1 cup

Red chili powder               3 tsp

Ginger – garlic paste        1 tsp

Butter                                    1 tsp

Salt to taste                         2 tsp


Oil for deep frying


Procedure for preparing Putunal Murukulu:

  1. Heat the butter.
  2. In a bowl mix rice powder, putunal dal powder, red chili powder, ginger – garlic paste, heated butter, salt and enough water to make dough.               SAM_0729
  3. Heat oil in a khadai for deep frying.
  4. Fill a small portion of the dough into the murukulu maker and when the oil is heated directly press the murukulu maker to make desired shape murukulu into the heated oil on low flame.
  5. Fry the murukulu in small batches. A well done murukulu stops bubbling and starts going down in the khadai. It is the right time to take out the deep fried murukulu.         SAM_0732
  6. Drain and put on paper towel to remove excessive oil.
  7. Cool and store the Putunal Murukulu in an airtight container.

Crispy and tasty Putunal Murukulu is ready.


  • To know the oil is heated add a small piece of the dough into the heated oil. If the dough rises immediately to the surface of the oil, the oil is heated and we can start pressing the murukulu maker for making murukulu into the heated oil.
  • Reduce the flame to low while pressing the murukulu maker into the heated oil. So that the heated oil does not spill on your hands.
  • Deep fry the murukulu s on medium flame. So that the murukulu get cooked evenly.



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