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Thuvara Parippu Chammanthi (toor dal chammanthi) is an easy and tasty Kerala side dish. It is very simple dish prepared with tuvara parippu (toor dal), dry red chilies, coconut grated etc.

It goes well with steaming rice and other curries like sambar, rasam, mooru curry. Especially during the monsoon and winter seasons when your taste buds increase to have something spicy and sour you can prepare this thurava parippu chammanthi and have with steaming rice or kanhji (rice porridge).



Thurvara parippu (toor dal)                    ¾ cup

Dry red chilies                                                5 – 6

Coconut grated                                              1 cup

Tamarind (sambar puli or valan puli)   size of a small lemon

Onion                                                                    ½

Salt to taste

Procedure for preparing Thurvara Parippu Chammanthi:

  • In a pan dry roast thuvara parippu (toor dal) and dry red chilies.
  • When cool grind together the roasted thuvara parippu (toor dal) and dry red chilies, add to it tamarind, salt, coconut grated, onion and add ¼ glass water and blend it smooth but slightly coarse.
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