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Vishu Katta is the main breakfast recipe in Thrissur district, Kerala on Vishu. Today I am posting Vishu Katta recipe with Pacha Manga Curry.

Vishu Katta is the rice cake made with coconut milk and a dash of cumin seeds/jeera and onions to enhance the authentic taste and flavour.SAM_6647

Try this Traditional Vishu Breakfast recipe:


Rice                                               ½ kg

Shallot                                          8 -10


Onions (small)                           2

Coconuts                                      2 large

Jeera/cumin seeds                   a pinch

Salt to taste

Procedure for Vishu Katta:SAM_6620

  1. Grate the coconut and extract the milk i.e. the 1st coconut milk by grinding the grated coconut with little water and squeeze it with hand and strain it. About 1 cup of 1st coconut milk is ready.
  2. Repeat the process for twice to extract the coconut milk i.e. the 2nd and 3rd coconut milk by grinding 2 cup of warm water with the coconut mixture and squeeze it with hand and strain it. About 2 cups of 2nd coconut milk is ready.
  3. Repeat the process for the 3rd coconut milk i.e. grind the leftover coconut mixture with 3 cups of warm water and squeeze it with hand and strain it. About 3 cups of 3rd coconut milk is ready.
  4. Grind jeera and onions to a coarse paste.
  5. Wash and drain the rice.
  6. Heat a heavy bottom vessel, add the 2nd and 3rd coconut milk and boil it stirring occasionally on medium flame for not curdling the milk.SAM_6622
  7. When the milk starts boiling add the rice and stir it. Add the ground coarse paste and salt and keep stirring occasionally so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel.SAM_6623
  8. When the rice is cooked add the 1st coconut milk and cook stirring continuously till the rice is cooked and becomes thick gravy and the oil begins to come out.SAM_6627
  9. Grease a plate with coconut oil and transfer the contents to it.
  10. Garnish with ½ tsp cumin seeds/jeera.SAM_6630
  11. When cool cut into pieces.SAM_6647

Delicious Vishu Katta is ready to be served. Serve Vishu Katta with Pacha Magna Curry.


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