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Besan Ka Ladoo is prepared mostly during festivals in North India and other parts of India. It is one of the easy and quick sweet recipes. It is delicious, nutritious and it is also one of the favorite ladoos among all the age groups.

Besan Ka Ladoo is prepared in two methods i.e. either by dry roasting besan and then add hot ghee to the mixture or by roasting besan in hot ghee. In both the methods the texture and taste of Ladoo differ.

Today I am posting Besan Ka Ladoo that is prepared by roasting besan and rava in hot ghee.



Bengal gram flour/Besan                   2 cups

Rava                                                            1 cup

Sugar (powdered)                                 1 cup

Ghee                                                            6 tsp

Almonds (finely chopped)                 10

Cashew nuts (finely chopped)           10

Cardamom powder                               ½ tsp


Procedure to prepare Besan Ka Ladoo:

  1. Heat ghee in a khadai, add besan and rava and fry on low flame till it changes its color to golden brown, you get a nice aroma fry for 10 – 15 minutes or till the raw smell of Bengal gram flour disappears.SAM_0350
  2. Put off the flame and transfer contents to a bowl.SAM_0351
  3. Allow it to cool, after 5 minutes when the mixture is warm add powdered sugar.
  4. SAM_0354
  5. Add finely chopped almonds, finely chopped cashew nuts and cardamoms powdered and mix well.
  6. SAM_0358
  7. With the help of your hands bind the mixture well.
  8. Take a little of a mixture in your hand and rotate it tightly to form ladoos.
  9. SAM_0362
  10. Depending on the size of ladoos u can prepare around 15 – 20 ladoos.
  11. Allow the ladoos to cool then transfer to an airtight container.

Delicious and crunchy Besan Ka Ladoo is ready.


  1. The most important point while preparing this ladoo is roasting the flour well until the raw smell disappears this gives a good taste and texture to the ladoos.
  2. Use pure ghee to make this ladoos as it tastes good and u get a nice aroma.


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