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Sandwiches are a popular type of breakfast recipe which is easy and simple to prepare. Sandwiches are easy to be packed to work, to school or to picnics and also carried during travel.

Sandwich can be prepared using vegetables or non-vegetables. Sandwich can be prepared quickly and it is a super tasty and nutritious recipe.

Carrot-Tomato-Mayonnaise Sandwich is a quick, simple and nutritious sandwich.



Sandwich bread                       2 slices

Ghee                                             1 ½ tsp

Mayonnaise spreadable       2 tsp

Carrot (chopped)                   ½ cup

Tomato (chopped)                 ½ cup

Procedure for preparing Carrot-Tomato-Mayonnaise Sandwich:

  1. In a pan toss the bread slices with ghee.sandwich
  2. Transfer the bread slices to a plate, spread mayonnaise on the bread slices.sandwich
  3. Top with chopped carrot slices and then finely chopped tomato and top with another bread slice.sandwich
  4. Cut into desired shapes. I have cut into triangular shapes.sandwich

Tasty Carrot-Tomato-Mayonnaise Sandwich is ready.


  • U can also use shred cabbage.


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