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Burfi is always a favorite sweet recipe which is famous among all the age groups. Cashew nut Burfi is easy to make and a very tasty sweet. It is usually prepared during festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc.

There are different methods of preparing Cashew nut Burfi. I am posting one of most simple and easy method of preparing Cashew nut Burfi.


Cashew nuts                           1 cup

Milk                                          ½ cup

Sugar                                        1 cup

Ghee                                         4 tsp

Procedure for Cashew nut Burfi:

  • Grease a plate with ghee and keep it aside.
  • Grind cashew nuts and milk to a fine paste.
  • Heat a kadai, add ground paste, sugar and ghee and stir continuously.
  • Put the flame on medium and keep stirring.
  • The mixture starts to bubble, keep stirring still the mixture becomes thick and lives the sides of kadai.
  • Put off the flame and immediately transfer the mixture into the greased plate and spread it evenly.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and then cut it into diamond shapes with a greased knife.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the slices and store it in a air tight container.

Delicious Cashew nut Burfi is ready.


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