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As it’s the season of jackfruits, everyone is busy preparing recipes with raw and ripe jackfruits it may be curries, fries and desserts. Jackfruit is a wonderful fruit with lots of nutritional value as its high in fibre content. It is a healthy fruit with almost no fats but high energy.

One of the most delighted desserts of jackfruit from Kerala is Chakka Varattiyathu (jackfruit jelly/jackfruit jam) which is also one of the favorite desserts in our family.

Chakka Varattiyathu has to store in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life, it is consumed throughout the year, whether it is the jackfruit season or not. The whole process of preparing Chakka Varattiyathu is time consuming but the results of hard work is amusing.

    Wow! What a wonderful and tasty recipe.

Coming back to the mouth- watering preparation of Chakka Varattiyathu.



Medium sized jackfruit                         1

Jaggery                                                       ¼ kg

Ghee                                                            3tbsp

Water                                                          1 cup

Procedure for preparing Chakka Varattiyathu:

  1. Cut and peel out the edible parts and grind it into fine paste in the blender.
  2. Make jaggery syrup by boiling jaggery and water by one-string consistency, strain the jaggery syrup of impurities and keep it aside.
  3. Put the ground paste into a thick bottom vessel, add ghee and stir well. Put the flame on medium and keep stirring continuously.
  4. When the mixture is half cooked (around ½ hour) add the jaggery syrup and keep stirring continuously so that it does not get burnt down.
  5. Keep stirring until the mixture takes a jelly form and starts leaving the sides of the vessel. Put off the flame.
  6. Allow Chakka Varattiyathu to cool down. Transfer into a dry and clean air tight container and refrigerate it for longer shelf life.

Delicious Chakka Varattiyathu is ready to be served at any time and any season of the year. With Chakka Varattiyathu as base U can prepare Chakka ela ada, Chakka pradhaman and also use it as jam for rotis and breads which the kids love it.


  • While cooking keep stirring continuously so that it does not get burnt down.
  • Always use dry spoon while taking out Chakka Varattiyathu from the air tight container.
  • Refrigerate Chakka Varattiyathu for a longer shelf life.



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