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Sandwich Cake is an easy cake recipe. This cake is prepared using sandwich bread.

Sandwich Cake is simple and easy to prepare with less and easily available ingredients. This cake is prepared in a non-stick pan and the whole process takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

Let’s go thru the ingredients and procedure for preparing Instant Sandwich Cake:



Eggs                                        2

Sugar powder                     ½ cup

Sandwich bread                 7 – 8 slices

Vanilla essence                   2 – 3 drops

Cardamom                           2

Cashew nuts                        8

Raisins                                   8

Procedure for preparing Instant Sandwich Cake:

  1. Cut the crusted or brown part of the sandwich bread slices.
  2. In a bowl add eggs, sugar powder and vanilla essence and whisk it well.
  3. Grind the sandwich bread slices, cardamom and egg mixture. The batter should not be too watery it should be of a thick consistency.
  4. Grease a non-stick pan with ghee or oil and spread the cashew nuts and raisins into the greased pan (so that when the cake is done and when you reverse the non-stick pan into a plate. The cake is already topped with cashew nuts and raisins) then pour the cake batter in it and close the lid. Heat it on low flame for 5 – 7 minutes.
  5. After 5 minutes open the lid to know if the cake is done poke a toothpick into the cake and if the toothpick comes out clear and clean. Then the cakes is done or cooks for more 2 minutes on low flame and put off the flame and allow the cake to cool down. You can take the cake into a plate by reversering the non-stick pan into the plate.
  6. Garnish the instant sandwich cake by sprinkling sugar powder.

Instant, simple, easy and tasty Sandwich Cake is ready.


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