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Noodles are the staple food of some countries. Everyone loves noodles! Noodles cook very fastly thus it’s easy to prepare the noodles. One can enhance the taste of Noodles by adding vegetables, spices and sauce. The favorite choose of children is the “Yummy! Noodles”.

Today I am posting how to prepare Yummy Vegetables Noodles.



Chinese Noodles                                              150grms

Onions                                                                  1cup

Cabbage                                                              ½ cup

Carrot                                                                   ½ cup

Capsicum                                                             ½ cup

Oil                                                                           2 ½ tsp

Soya sauce                                                          2 tsp

Chili sauce                                                           ½ tsp

Black pepper powder                                     1tsp

Salt                                                                         to taste

Procedure to prepare Vegetables Noodles

  1. In a vessel add water bring it to boiling point add Noodles and add one tsp of oil and salt.
  2. Keep stirring to prevent sticking.
  3. Don’t over cook the noodles. Put of the flame.
  4. Drain the Noodles and run cold water over it to prevent sticking.
  5. Cut the vegetables (onions, carrot, cabbage, capsicum) into thin strips.
  6. Heat oil in a pan add finely chopped onions and sauté for few seconds on high flame, then add thin chopped carrots, cabbage and capsicum.
  7. Saute the vegetables on high flame. Don’t overcook the vegetables.
  8. Add soya sauce, chili sauce, pepper powder and mix well.
  9. Add the cooked noodles, salt and toss everything together, the noodles should get coated with the sauce and vegetables well. Switch off the flame.
  10. Serve the noodles hot with tomato sauce.


  • The whole cooking has to be done on high flame and stirring continuously.
  • Adjust the spice as per your taste.

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