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Ari Unda or Rice Ladoo is a traditional sweet of Kerala using very little ingredients. It is prepared by dry roasting matta or chemba rice (red rice) till it becomes crispy and then making powder of it.

It is usually prepared by pounding and mixing rice, jiggery and coconut which is a time consuming process but the result is amazingly – A delicious mouth-watering Ari Unda. Kids love this recipe. It can be packed for snack box to their schools. It is a nourishes ladoo with the combination of rice, jiggery and coconut.

Today I am posting Ari Unda which is prepared by dry roasting matta or chemba rice (red rice) till crispy and then grinding to a coarse powder in the mixer, which is less time consuming than pounding the rice and jiggery.

Let’s go thru the process of preparing Ari Unda:



Chemba or Matta Rice (Red Rice)             1 ½ cup

Jiggery grated                                               2 cups

Coconut grated                                              2 cups

Cardamom                                                      4 – 5

Procedure for preparing Ari Unda:

  1. Dry roast chemba rice (red rice) on medium flame for 15 – 20 minutes by stirring continuously till it turns crispy. Transfer to a plate; allow it to cool, after 5 minutes grind the rice and cardamom to a coarse powder.
  2. Mix coconut and jiggery and grind it in a blender twice.
  3. In a bowl add rice powder, cardamom, jiggery and coconut and mix well with hand so that no lumps are formed, make small balls or unda with the mixture.
  4. Store in an air tight container, use within a day or two.

Delicious Ari Unda is ready.


  • You can also use par boiled rice instead of matta rice. But the taste of matta rice is better.
  • The sweet levels can be decreased or increased according to your preference.
  • Shelf life of this unda is one or two days as we are using fresh coconut in this unda.
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