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Til Ka Laddoo is a traditional recipe prepared during festivals especially for Makara Sankranthi. Til Ka Laddoo is an easy recipe made with Til/sesame and jaggery. Makara Sankranthi is the harvest festival celebrated in many states of South India – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Punjab in North India.

Dishes made of Til are consumed more in winter days as Til provides heat and energy which is essential in cold climate. Hence sweets and snacks are prepared using Til during Makara Sankranti.  Til Ka Laddoo is relish by all age groups.

Til laddoo are ideal for iron content. It is recommended for girls and women suffering with low haemoglobin.

Let’s go thru the process of preparing Til Ka Laddoo



Til/sesame                                        1 ½ cup

Jaggery (grated)                               1 ½ cup

Ghee                                                   4 tbsp

Cardamom powder                           2 tsp

Water                                                  ¾ cup

Procedure for preparing Til Ka Laddoo:

  1. In a kadai/pan dry roast Til on low flame by stirring continuously. After 5 minutes Til will turn light brown in colour and start spluttering. Put off the flame and immediately transfer the roasted Til to a plate.
  2. In a pan or a vessel add water and grated jaggery. When jaggery is melted filter to remove all impurities. Boil the jaggery solution again till it starts thickening.
  3. When the jaggery is boiling apply ghee on a flat plate.
  4. Check for the consistency of jaggery syrup by – adding 1 drop of the thick jaggery solution in a cup of water. If the drop remains as a ball it is the correct mixing point. Lower the flame.
  5. Add cardamom powder, ghee and roasted Til. Mix all the ingredients well and transfer into a greased plated.
  6. When the mixture is cold enough to touch apply ghee on your palms take a small ball of the mixture and roll in between your palms and make like laddoo.
  7. Tasty, delicious and healthy Til Ka Laddoo is ready.
  8. Store it in air tight container. It will remain for 2 to 3 months.



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