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Chakkara Pongal is a sweet delicacy prepared on festive and auspicious days like Durga pooja and Diwali. It is also served as prasadam in the temples of South India.

Ingredients :

1 cup           Rice
11/2 cup    Jaggery
3 tbsp          Moong dal
½ cup         Ghee
¼ tsp          Cardamom powder
12                 Cashew nuts
12                 Raisins
A pinch      Camphor (pacha karpooram) powder
A pinch      Nutmeg powder (jajikaya powder)
4 cups         Water.


Method :

1.Wash the rice and dal and add water and cook in the pressure cooker until 4 whistles.
2.In a pan add jaggery and pour little water and melt it. (the consistency can be tested by putting a drop of melted jaggery in a glass of water and the jaggery should settle down in a thick form).
3.Mix cooked rice and dal and jaggery and keep stirring on a low flame.
4.Add the ghee slowly and keep on stirring for atleast 4-5 mins. Till the ghee leaves the sides of the vessel. Put off the flame.
5.Mix well and add cardamom powder and camphor powder.
6.In a pan heat ghee to fry the nutmeg powder and add it to the pongal it gives a nice aroma.
7.Fry cashew nuts and raisins in ghee and when it turn golden brown add it to the chakkara pongal.

Sweet Chakkara Pongal is ready.

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