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Chocolate burfi is an Indian dessert prepared for those who are very fond of chocolates. Kids loves chocolate burfi.

As Holi is around the corner, try preparing this yummy Double Layered Chocolate Burfi which has a royal look as well as a good chocolate flavor for your loved ones as a special treat for this HOLI season.

There are different methods of preparing Chocolate Burfi. Today I am posting Double Layered Chocolate Burfi prepared using milk powder. It is also called “Double Decker Burfi” as the bottom layer is white plain milk powder burfi and the top layer is chocolate milk powder burfi. It is also prepared during Diwali, Dussera, etc. It is also prepared during special occasions.

Let’s go thru the procedure of preparing Double Layered Chocolate Burfi using milk powder:


For The White Layer:

  1. Milk Powder                   1 1/2 cups
  2. Powdered Sugar              1 cup
  3. Ghee                             1 – 2 tsp
  4. Milk                             1/4 cup
  5. Cardamom Powder          1/2 tsp

For The Chocolate Layer:

  1. Milk Powder                  1 1/2 cup
  2. Cocoa Powder                2 – 3 tbsp
  3. Powdered Sugar              1 cup
  4. Milk                             1/4 cup
  5. ghee                               1 -2 tsp

For seasoning:

Almonds (chopped)              10


For The White Burfi Layer:

  1. In a heavy bottomed pan add milk and ghee and heat.
  2. When the ghee melts, add the milk powder and whisk well to make a lump free mixture.
  3. Add in the sugar and cardamom powder and mix well.
  4. Sugar will start melting and the mixture will become slightly thin.
  5. Keep on stirring on medium heat until the mixture thickens and doesn’t stick to the pan.
  6. Grease a small baking tray or a plate with ghee and pour the thick mixture on it.
  7. With the help of a spatula coated with ghee, smoothen the mixture to even thickness.
  8. Allow it to cool while you make the second layer.

For The Chocolate Layer:

  1. In the same pan add milk and ghee.
  2. When the ghee melts add the milk powder, cocoa powder and sugar.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Keep on stirring until the mixture becomes thick and does not stick to the pan.
  5. Pour it on the white layer.
  6. With a spatula coated with ghee, spread it evenly on the white burfi layer.
  7. Allow it to cool completely.
  8. Cut into squares.
  9. Garnish with chopped almonds.
  10. Store in an air tight box. You have to refrigerate if you are going to store it for more than two days.

Yummy Double Layered Chocolate Burfi is ready.

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